Investment and consulting company dedicated to sustainability

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Mobility represents a $7tn addressable market being impacted over the next 10 years, where new companies are targeting the available profit pool of $500bn.

A theoretical full adoption of electric vehicles would require up to $6tn in infrastructure investment, of which $2.6tn in charging infrastructure.

Our clients and the companies we look to invest in are at the forefront of addressing these opportunities

What we do

SATIF is an investment, consulting and research company dedicated to sustainability with deep experience in transportation, energy, and mobility.

We help companies address the biggest revolution in transportation since the invention of the automobile, helping them assess new technologies, new business models as massive new businesses get created and others get disrupted.

How we do it

In the investment area, we partner with our clients by co investing in the opportunities we select, which we actively monitor until exit.

In the consulting area, we partner with leaders in business and society to tackle the issues arising from the electrification of transport.

Our diverse team brings deep industry and functional expertise and a range of perspectives in the revolution of the electrification of transport.